Syura Dan Demokrasi Dalam Perspektif Al-qur'an

Aat Hidayat
Journal article Addin • 2015


SYURA AND DEMOCRACY IN QUR'AN PERSPECTIVES. This article examine the normative foundations of democracy in the Qur'an. In addition, it is also trying to compare between syura and democracy in the definitive level. This study departs from the debate among Muslim intellectual circles about the relationship between Islam and democracy. This debate resulted three views, namely: first, the relationship of mutualism symbiotic, that is the relationship between Islam and democracy are interdependent and complementary; second, antagonistic relationship, that Islam is incompatible with democracy coming from the Western world; Third, the relationship-critical reactive or reciprocal-critical, that is accepting the relationship between Islam and democracy, while providing a critical note. In this view, Islam has ethical values underlying democracy, as embodied in the principle of al-'adalah (justice), al-musawah (equation), and asy-syura (deliberation). In the Qur'an, there are verses that can be used as the basis of normative third basic principle of democracy. Thus, democracy is not at all contrary to the Qur'an. Precisely, Qur'an gives moral foundation in building a democratic system.





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