Effects of Sodium Iso-butyl Xanthate Dosage on the Froth Flotation of Bead Milled Middle Group 1-3 PGM Ore Blend

Nthapeleng M. Madilen • Abraham A. Adeleke • Peter Mendonidis


An investigation was carried out to determine the effects of collector concentration on the grade and recovery in the flotation of middle group 1-3 Platinum Group Metal (PGM) ore mixture. The ore mixture pulp at a relative density of 1.29 was subjected to “bead milling” test, particle size distribution analysis and the 55% passing 75 µm was froth floated at 180, 200 and 220 g/t dosages of sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) and 30 and 80 g/t of Senfroth and Sendep 30D frother and depressant, respectively. The results obtained indicated the predominance of the <38 µm PGM values in the ore and confirmed the need for tertiary milling for better liberation of the PGMs. The grade of the PGM concentrate obtained when dosing at 200 g/t of sodium isobutyl xanthate was highest at 94 g/t and gave the lowest recovery of 53%. The 180 g/t SIBX dosage resulted in highest PGM recovery of 70% and lowest grade of 84 g/t, while dosing at 220 g/t SIBX gave average PGM grades of 90 g/t and recoveries of 60%. The results obtained thus showed that that an SIBX dosage of 180 g/t SIBX would be appropriate when higher recoveries are targeted, while 200 g/t dosage will yield higher grades




Aceh International Journal of Science and Technology

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