Pengolahan Limbah Perendaman Karet Rakyat dengan Metode Koagulasi dan Flokulasi Menggunakan Aluminium SUlfat, Ferri Klorida, dan Poli Aluminium Klorida (PAC)

Riskawanti Suwandi • Loveana Brena Honesty • Chairul Irawan • Andri Taruna Rachmadi
Journal article Biopropal Industri • 2016 Indonesia


Rubber is one of important commodities in Central Kalimantan with more than 220.000 tons productions in 2013. However, the rubber immersion wastewater which has been discharged into the water body becomes problem. This research aims to know the effect of Al2(SO4)3, FeCl3 and PAC as coagulant in doses 2 g/L, 4 g/L and 8 g/L to reduce COD, BOD5, TSS, TDS and color concentration of the wastewater. Jar-Test was used with rapid mixing 200 rpm for 3 minute and slow mixing 50 rpm for 10 minute then settlled for 1 hour. The results showed that PAC with the dose of 4 g/L was better in reducing the COD, BOD5 and TSS than FeCl3 and Al2(SO4)3. After coagulation-flocculation, COD, BOD5 and TSS are 37,07 mg/L, 14,29 mg/L and 24,00 mg/L, respectively. On the other hand, TDS and color value showed higher concentration than standard with 514,00 mg/L and 106,00 PtCo, respectively.




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