Uji Viabilitas Polen Pada Dua Spesies Belimbing Hutan ( Averrhoa Dolichocarpa Dan a. Leucopetala)

Kapsah Kapsah • Dorly Dorly • Inggit Puji Astuti
Journal article Botanic Gardens Bulletin • July 2016


Wild starfruit Averrhoa dolichocarpa and A. leucopetala are new species reported. The aims of the research were to testing pollen viability at a day before anthesis (H-1) and at anthesis (H0) stadia with germination in Brewbaker and Kwack (BK) and 10% sucrose media and staining test with 1% anilin blue and 1% I2KI. The optimum time for germination was 16 hours. Pollen viability in staining test results were higher than in germination test ie. 64.80% in BK medium, 54.60% in sukrosa, 88.60% in aniline blue dye and 88.50% in I2KI. BK medium showed a better result for germination test than 10% sucrose. In vitro viability germination test obtained the result that pollen viability value of wild starfruit at H0 stadia was higher than pollen viability at H-1 stadia. While the result of staining test obtained that H-1 stadia was higher than at H0 stadia. Long filament of Averrhoa dolichocarpa located on the slope had higher pollen viability than short filament. Filament factor in staining test was not significant. Pollen viability both in 10% sucrose to 1% aniline dye and 10% sucrose to 1% I2KI were negatively correlated. The correlation of pollen viability was not found either in BK medium and aniline dye blue or in BK medium and I2KI.




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