Sidik Lintas Karakter Agronomi Dan Ketahanan Hama Pengisap Polong Terhadap Hasil Plasma Nutfah Kedelai

Nfn Asadi
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • June 2012


Path Analysis of Agronomic Characters and Resistance to Pod Sucker Bug on Yield of Soybean Germplasm. Asadi. Soybean productivity was still low and unstable that commonly caused by pest attack and disease. Pod sucking insect pest is most serious pest of soybean that reduce seed production. Riptortus linearis is the most dominant pest of pod sucking bug of soybean. Planting of resistant variety is one of the biological control. To support the soybean breeding program for pod sucking pest resistance, the availability of sources of resistance genes is needed. Sources of resistance genes are obtained by evaluating and identifying of soybean germplasm. Based on soybean germplasm evaluation, it can be identified sources of resistance genes that can be used as the base material of soybean breeding programs for pod sucking pest resistance. How influence of independent variable (Xi) such as agronomic characters and resistance to pod sucking on seed yield as the dependent variable (Yi) of soybean germplasm, can be estimated by path analysis. By knowing the characters that influence the seed yield directly, so the character is going to be used for selection of soybean yield of germplasm. Based on 103 evaluations of soybean germplasm, as much as 5 accessions (B3778, B4400, B3802, B4176, and B2973) were identified as the resistant accessions, while accessions B4142, B4417 (Panderman), and the B3462 were most susceptible to pest of pod sucking bug. The seed size or pod size of soybean germplasm correlated positively and significantly on resistance to pod sucking bug. Multiple regression analysis indicated that the plant height (X3), and pod sucking bug attack (X7) significantly affect seed yield of soybean germplasm. The higher plant, the lower pod sucking bug attack, the higher soybean yield. Path analysis showed that plant high character (X3) affected the seed yield of soybean germplasm directly, indicating that the plant high character can be used for the selection of seed yield of soybean germplasm. Number of pods per plant (X5) by the effect of plant high (X3) affects the grain yield (Y) of soybean germplasm indirectly.




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