Pengaruh Pengunjung Terhadap Perilaku Dan Pola Konsumsi Rusa Timor (Rusa Timorensis De Blainville 1822) Di Penangkaran Hutan Penelitian Dramaga

Dewi Ayu Amiati • Burhanuddin Masyud • R. Garsetiasih
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • December 2015 Indonesia


Timor deer (Rusa timorensis de Blainville 1822) known as java deers are native Indonesian fauna, mostly found ex situ. Deers in captivity can be an attraction object of tourism. The research was conducted from March to April 2013 at Dramaga Research Forest, Situ Gede Village, Bogor City. Dramaga research forest was build on 1956 as an arboretum with 127 tree species. The purpose of this research was to identify deer feed given by visitors in captivity, changes in behavior and consumption patterns. The feed given by visitors to deer was about 89% convolvulus, 8% carrots, 2% leaves, and 1% wild grasses. The feed meets the basic needs of a deer with convolvulus containing 8,93% protein and carrots containing 19,99% protein. The results of statistical test by chi-square indicate that no real influence on the behavior and consumption patterns of the deers in captivity, but nominally show some changes decrease of persentation. Consumption pattern and social behaviour increased, while resting, locomotion, and ruminational behaviours decreased.




Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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