Menyimak Kehidupan Keluarga “Miskin”

Ninik Handayani
Journal article Jurnal Analisis Sosial • September 2009

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Poverty criteria must include various aspects (widely and comprehensively), with speci c valuation standard. this argument is based on case study of poor families in Java. Using observation and interview method, found three groups of poor family, namely 1) the factual poor family; 2) the well-off but considered poor; and 3) the poor but considered well-off. A number of poverty aspects occurred to poor families are: income, consumption, education, health, powerlessness in public domain, inability to voice their aspiration, and the low quality of human capital. In the current local autonomy era, to prevent the gap between the rich and poor, the role of local elites with objectivity and pro-poor attitude should be encouraged.




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