Novel Di Kaki Bukit Cibalak Karya Ahmad Tohari (Analisis Sosiologi Sastra)

Ayuatma Nirmala Utami


: This research is descriptive qualitative research with sociology of literature analysis. There are three main aspects that will be analyzed in this research: coherency of data text, genetic data, and affective novel data. The result of the research shows the coherency between novel text data and novel text with the social reality nowadays which has changed because of so many things. Genetic dataof the novel shows that the author wrote the novel based on his instinct, not solely based on the commercial matters. The affective data shows that there are variations of opinion between the informants. The result about sociology of literature analysis will always be found different because the object of the research is a social situation which can be changed periodically. It is also found various facts and opinions about the objective data, the genetic data, and the affective data.




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