Multiculturalism in Islamic Civilization During the Classic Period

Dudung Abdurrahman
Journal article Addin • 2017

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(English, 28 pages)


The main objectives of this study are to map and analyze the multiculturalism pattern in Muslim civilization history during the period. Analyses are developed with historical and socio-cultural perspectives. Several patterns of multiculturalism in Islamic civilization are found: Firstly, during the Prophet and al-Khulafa ar-Rasyidun era, Islam–as a doctrine and religion system–had accomodative patterns to the cultural form in al-'ashabiyyah al-qabaliyyah tradition and began to perform as Arabic culture-based civilization. Secondly, during the Daulah Umayyah era, disregarding that the civilization was developed using Arabic politics, the policies regarding Islamic expansion encouraged acculturation of Arabic-Muslim and non-Arabic or non-Muslim communities, leading to the multiculturalism in Islam at that time. Finally, during the Daulah Abbasiyah era, multiculturalism became more obvious as a pattern of Islamic civilization, indicated by the roles of non-Arabic cultures in Islamic civilization development.





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