Seleksi Genotipe Jagung Hibrida Toleran N Rendah

Nfn Syafrudin • Muhammad Azrai • Nfn Suwarti
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • December 2013 Indonesia


Maize Hybrid Genotypes Selection for Low N Tolerance. Syafruddin, Muhammad Azrai, and Suwarti. Most of the maize crop land development in Indonesia are defficient of N, to overcome these obstacles is generally done with N fertilizer. N fertilization beside increasing the cost of production is also causing environmental pollution. Therefore, fertilizer efficiency is required. One effort to reduce N fertilizer USAge is the use of low N-tolerant genotypes. Selection of low Ntolerant maize hybrids are expected to found a low N genotypes with high productivity. The experiment was conducted in low land in May-August 2012 in the Bontobili Research Station, Gowa, South Sulawesi. A total of 32 genotypes including check entries were 4 known hybrid Bima- 2, Bima-3, Bima-4, and Bisi-2 were screened in normal rate of N application (200 kg N/ha) and low N (100 kg N/ha). The treatment used experimental randomized complete block design at each fertilization with three replications. To Determine of genotype x N interaction was used combine analysis. The result showed that in selection of tolerance genotypes for low N, beside yield as selection parameter we can also consider leaf chlorophyll, harvest index, number of kernel in ear and seed weight. Genotypes 1044-0 x 1027-11 and AMB07 x CML 161 were tolerance to low N and B11 x 11 is moderat to low N. Three of genotypes have yield equal to 4 check varieties (Bima-2, Bima-3, Bima-4, and Bisi-2).




Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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