Akses Kelompok Miskin Terhadap Hukum Dan Keadilan

Andik Hardiyanto
Journal article Jurnal Analisis Sosial • September 2009 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


Right-based approach, particularly of law and justice should be developed to measure poverty in Indonesia. the idea is based on the fact that weak access of law and justice has aggravated poverty. Poor groups were more and more downtrodden due to ‘acquisition of power'in various dimensions, narrowing their chances and options, keeping them away from basic services, ignoring their rights, placing them as object of criminalization, manipulation, and corruption, and far from decision making process. Referring to factual condition and experiences of Lembaga bantuan hukum (Lbh, Legal aid institution), a model of poverty diagnosis is suggested for discussion, examination, and further development.




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