The Occurrence of Insects and Fungi, and Aflatoxin B Contamination of Stored Sorghum in Demak and Wonogiri Regencies, Central Java

Okky Setyawati Dharmaputra • Santi Ambarwati Santi • Ina Retnowati Ina
Journal article Biotropia • 2011 Indonesia


The objectives of this study were to collect informations on the method of postharvesthandling of sorghum and to investigate the moisture contents, insects infestation, fungalinfection, and aflatoxin B contents of stored sorghum grains collected from various stagesof the delivery chain in Demak and Wonogiri regencies, Central Java. In Demak regencysorghum cultivation was monoculture, variety cultivated was UPC-S1. In Wonogiri regencysorghum cultivation was intercropping with secondary crop and cassava. Sorghum varietiescultivated were Kawali, Numbu, ZH30, Mandau and Hibrida hybrids. There was a differencebetween the method of postharvest handling of sorghum at farmer and collector levels inDemak andWonogiri regencies. In general the method of postharvest handling of sorghum inDemak regency was more appropriate and more advance compared to that in Wonogiriregency. The moisture contents of sorghum at farmer as well as at collector level in Demakregency (13.0%) and Wonogiri regency (12.9%) were still lower that that of normal (safe)moisture content of sorghum. The number of insect species associated with sorghum invarious distribution level in Demak andWonogiri regencies was 10 and 17 species, respectively.The dominant insects species were and . The number offungal species found in sorghum at various distribution level in Demak andWonogiri regencieswas 23 species, respectively. In general, the dominant fungal species were ,and . In Demak regency aflatoxin B contents of sorghum atfarmer and collector levels were 22.50 and 15.45 ppb, respectively, while in Wonogiri regency2.27 and 10.28 ppb, respectively.insects, fungi, aflatoxin B , stored sorghum, Demak and Wonogiri regencies,Central Java





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