Penguatan Kelembagaan Pengawas Pemilu dalam Penyelenggaraan Pemilihan Kepala Daerah dan Wakil Kepala Daerah

Rinaldo, Erwin Prima
Journal article Fiat Justisia • 2016


Democracy substance is “raison de etre” on regulating direct election system and it's position about implementation principle of the state by law. Based on evaluating in 2005 until 2014, conducted alteration for implementation system, who reflected alteration policy purpose about election supervisor institute. An aim of this research is (a) to explain the direction of reinforcement supervisor election institute policies based on Law Number 1 of 2015 attached its alteration, and (b) the impact of reinforcement concerning institutional capacity. This research used juridical normativism method, through statue approach, conceptual and institutional in an integrative manner. Data resources used a secondary material with qualitative analysis technique.These research conclude the direction policies about reinforcement has been formed by enforcement duties, authority, obligation, character and function head for transformation as control institution. An impact about institution capacity is forming mechanism not including for enforcement capacity orientation, asymmetry on implementation administrative function, procedure, and finances ordering, rather regulation quality from Bawaslu with the result obstruction concerning the effectiveness of institutionally implementation function. Suggestion is (a) upgrading typology of Election Supervisor Board Province and alteration characteristic Election Supervisor Kabupaten/Kota become permanent institution or increasing quality, quantity and qualification human resources, (b) correction regulating about procedure and duty on pieces as integrative, also (c) completing regulation about observatory implementation function based on norm and rule pursuant to election ordinance.




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