Pengelompokan Plasma Nutfah Gandum (Triticum Aestivum) Berdasarkan Karakter Kuantitatif Tanaman

Mamik Setyowati • Ida Hanarida • Nfn Sutoro
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • June 2009


Clustering of the 65 accessions of wheat have been done based on the quantitave plant characters. The purpose of this study was to identify genetic resources of wheat for breeding programs. Result of the analysis showed that there are 6 clusters. Two of those clusters have short maturiy and high yielding potential. Cluster of accessions having which is short maturity and moderately short plant, 1.000 seeds weight, maximum number of tiller, number of productive tiller, panicle length, exertion length have 12 accessions. While cluster with high potential production, shot panicle and moderate quantitative characters consists of 13 accessions. Therefore, those two clusters could be used as genetic resources for short maturiy and high yield characters of wheat.




Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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