Evaluasi Pertumbuhan Enam Varietas Mangga Merah Komersial Yang Disambung Dengan Teknik Top Working Pada Dua Varietas Batang Antara

Nfn Rebin • Lukitariati Sadwiyanti • Djoko Sudarso • Nfn Karsinah
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • June 2014 Indonesia


Evaluation of Growth of Six Commercial Red Mango Varieties Grafted by Top Working Technique on Two Interstock Varieties. Rebin, Lukitariati Sadwiyanti, Djoko Sudarso, and Karsinah. The objective of the research was to evaluate the growth and leaf anthocyanin content of six commercial red mango varieties that grafted by top working technique on two interstock varietties. The extensive development of commercial red mango as new superior variety in production center, especially in Java, faces limited land constraint. Meanwhile, the existing mango plants in growers is dominated by Arumanis and Durih varieties that are now old and less productive. In addition there are many local mango plant that are not good quality in their growth. In the condition mentioned, replacing less productive mango variety with commercial red mango through top working technology is a wise solution alternative. Research was conducted at Cukurgondang Experimental Field 50 m asl, Pasuruan, East Java from May until December 2009. The research was arranged in Split Plot Design where the main plot were two interstock varieties i.e.: Arumanis-143 and Durih, meanwhile the sub plot were six commercial red mango scions i.e.: Ken Layung, Marifta-01, Garifta Orange, Garifta Merah; Garifta Kuning and Garifta Gading. Each tratment were repeated three times. The results indicated that there were five varieties of red mango varieties compatible with Arumanis-143 interstock i.e.: Marifta-01, Garifta Orange, Garifta Merah, Garifta Kuning, and Garifta Gading. While Durih interstock was suitable for Ken Layung, Garifta Orange and Garifta Merah. Interstocks were not influence on leaf color of scion (both young and mature leaves). Anthocyanin content of Garifta Orange, Garifta Merah, and Garifta Gading leaves on Arumanis-143 interstock and on Durih interstock were higher than their mother plant respectively. The effect of Arumanis-143 was beter than Durih interstock on both vegetative character and leaf antocianin content of scion.




Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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