Peningkatan Hasil Belajar IPS melalui Metode Simulasi dengan Reinforcement di SMPN 2 Jetis Bantul

Ratna Wulandari • Muhsinatun Siasah Masruri
Journal article Harmoni Sosial: Jurnal Pendidikan IPS • March 2016


This research aims to improve the learning activity and social studies learning result at year IX C of SMPN 2 Jetis Bantul after appliying Simulation Methods with reinforcement. This research was a classrrom action research study using Kemmis & Taggart design. The subjects in this research were year IX C students SMPN 2 Jetis Bantul in the academic year of 2013/2014. Treatment that applied is simulation methods with reinforcement to improve the activity and social studies learning result. The data were collected through observation and tests. Observation technique was used to know activity learning result student in the social studies lerning and tests was used to show learning result. This research was done in two cycles. Cycle I used simulation methods with verbal reinforcement and Cycle II used simulation methods with non verbal reinforcement. The research show that the use of simulation methods with reinforcement improve social studies activity learning 14.28% in Cycle I to 87.49% in Cycle II, social studies learning result improve from classroom average 81.07 in Cycle I to 81.25 in Cycle II. The application of the simulation model through reinforcement was improve the social studies learning result the students of IXC SMPN 2 Jetis Bantul.




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