Artesdiaquine and Primaquine Combined Treatment is More Effective for Malaria Vivax

Santoso Santoso
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • December 2010 Indonesia


Background: Malaria treatment in Souh Sumatra has been using artesdiaquine since 2009 for falciparum and vivax malaria. This study is aimed to examine the comparison of the effectiveness of anti-malaria drugs artesdiaquine and its side effects between falciparum malaria and vivax malaria treatment. Methods: This consecutive sampling quasi experimental research was conducted during February to June 2010 in a district of South Sumatra (Indonesia). Diagnosis based on peripheral blood smear plasmodium finding. All patients positive for Plasmodium were observed for 28 days: 0-3 (D0) to 3th (D3), 7th (D7), 14th (D14), 21th (D21) and 28th day (D28). Therapy of artesdiaquine on D0 to D2, while primaquine was only gives on D0. The observations of side effects were done on D0 to D3. The assessments of drug efficacy were immediately after D28. Results: Twenty three falciparum malaria patients and and twelve vivax malaria patients were included as study subjects Initial clinical symptoms of chills, headache, dizziness, anorexia, and muscle aches were found in falciparum malaria subjects and vivax malaria subjects were 91.3% and 50% respectively. The results showed anti-malaria drugs artesdiaquine had 100% efficacy of vivax malaria patients however for falciparum malaria acquired was only 87%. Artesdiaquine side effects consisted of itching, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain, were more prevalent in patients with falciparum malaria than vivax malaria. Conclusion: The number of malaria vivax patients less clinical symptoms occurred than falciparum malaria. The effectiveness of artesdiaquine anti malaria drugs combination for vivax malaria was better than falciparum malaria. (Health Science Indones 2010; 1: 26 - 32)




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