On Some Covering Graphs of a Graph

Shariefuddin Pirzada • Hilal A. Ganie • Merajuddin Siddique


For a graph $G$ with vertex set $V(G)=\{v_1, v_2, \dots, v_n\}$, let $S$ be the covering set of $G$ having the maximum degree over all the minimum covering sets of $G$. Let $N_S[v]=\{u\in S : uv \in E(G) \}\cup \{v\}$ be the closed neighbourhood of the vertex $v$ with respect to $S.$ We define a square matrix $A_S(G)= (a_{ij}),$ by $a_{ij}=1,$ if $\left |N_S[v_i]\cap N_S[v_j] \right| \geq 1, i\neq j$ and 0, otherwise. The graph $G^S$ associated with the matrix $A_S(G)$ is called the maximum degree minimum covering graph (MDMC-graph) of the graph $G$. In this paper, we give conditions for the graph $G^S$ to be bipartite and Hamiltonian. Also we obtain a bound for the number of edges of the graph $G^S$ in terms of the structure of $G$. Further we obtain an upper bound for covering number (independence number) of $G^S$ in terms of the covering number (independence number) of $G$.




Electronic Journal of Graph Theory and Applications

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