Studi Komparatif Pengaturan Sistem Pemilihan Umum Anggota Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat di Indonesia

Effendi, Agus
Journal article Fiat Justisia • 2016 Indonesia


Electoral system is one of the factors that affect the development of democracy and political state. It is need to get the attention of people who want improvement democracy. The electoral system, especially in implementation of house of representative election, it becomes a study that need attention given during the general election of house of representative (DPR) members eleven times from some period of democracy is different, it cannot fully realize the elections are truly ideal for the development of democracy and resulted in the representatives of the people and reflecting the aspirations properly represent the people's interests. Electoral Systems Member house of representative applied to the Election Period Old Order Period until Election Reform Order, both the closed proportional system and open proportional system and the rest of the votes, in principle have a weakness at the same advantages.




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