Analisis Kepuasan Pasien Keluarga Miskin yang Berkunjung pada Rumah Sakit Umum Dr. Sudono Madiun dan RSU Haji Surabaya (Ditinjau dari Sk Menpan Nomor Kep/25/m.pan/2/2004)

Turniani Laksmiarti • Tri Weda Rahardjo
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • July 2009 Indonesia


Background: People of East Java Province counted more than 38.3 million people, which 7.5 million among them was rated poor people. From several research shows that poor people usually exposed to health matter due to lack of nutrition and education. Mass media also mentioned that there were differences between poor people health care and common people. resulting health care unsatisfaction. This research commonly purposed to know People Satisfaction Index mainly poor people that came to RSU Dr. Soedono Madiun and RSU Haji Surabaya based on Minister of State Apparatus Efficiency letter of decree number KEP/25/M.PAN/2/2004. Methods: This research design was public policy research analysis The applied method is empiric approach that based on actual facts and evaluative approach. The research located in RSU Dr. Soedono Madiun and RSU Haji Surabaya. The population research done by purposively random sampling with the number of child and trauma overnight patient respondent reach 35 respondent. The data compiled by Minister of State Apparatus Efficiency instrumen and exhaustively interview. Results: result shows that Poor People Satisfaction Index toward health care overall reach 3.56 or converted number 89.0 with categorized very good and IKM for RSU Haji Surabaya 3.92 or converted number 98.0 with categorized very good. The recommendation gives to the People Satisfaction Index instrumen manual based on Minister of State Apparatus Efficiency letter of decree number KEP/25/M.PAN/2/2004 which consist of 14 substance need to be more described for operational and realistic.




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