Description of Malaria Card Utilize as Effort to Control of Malaria Vivax Theraphy (Case Study in Wanadadi I and Banjarmangu I Public Health Center, Banjarnegara District)

Agung Puja Kesuma • Nova Pramestuti

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Banjarnegara district is a malaria endemic areas in Central Java Province. Therapy role to prevent malaria transmission.Malaria card is one of instrument for monitoring the implementation of therapy follow up. The used of malaria card inBanjarnegara District begins around 1999. Not all public health center in Banjarnegara District used malaria card. The aimof this research was to describe benefit of malaria card to control of malaria vivax theraphy. This research was observasionalwith case study approach, information collected by indepth interview and observation of malaria card. This study wasconducted in Wanadadi I and Banjarmangu I Public Health Center, Banjarnegara at April to May 2012. Result of thisresearch showed that 60 malaria card (80%) were filled by JMD and only 23 cards (38.3 %) were filled completely inWanadadi I public health center. In Banjarmangu I public health center no malaria card were filled. The follow up of the mostappropriate time (82%) was the fourth. Completeness of follow up implementation at five times as many as 18 cases (30%) .The used of malaria card in Wanadadi I and Banjarmangu I public health center was not used well.




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