Identification of Rats and Shrew in Argasoka and Kutabanjar Village Banjarnegara Sub District Banjarnegara District 2014

Hendri Anggi Widayani • Setiana Susilowati

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


Rat is an animal that have important role to human being, even its profitable or adverse. This species have their own habitatto each depression. The community settlement is one of rat habitat to get food. The research purpose is to measure the trapsuccess of rat and to identify rat species in Argasoka and Kutabanjar Village, Banjarnegara. The research used surveymethod with cross sectional approach. Population were rats those lived in Argasoka and Kutabanjar Village. The samplewere rats those caught using single live traps in Argasoka and Kutabanjar Village, Banjarnegara. Rat trapping wasconducted for 2 nights using 100 single live traps with the roasted coconut and salted fish. Technical analysis is useddescriptively and presented in narrative form and frequency distribution tables. The result showed that the trapped amongothers 25 rats (76%) Rattus tanezumi, 1 rat (3,03%) R. tiomanicus, and 7 rats (21,21%) S. murinus. As much (54,54 %), weremale higher than female rat as much as (45,45 %). Trap success of 8,25 % dominated by R. Tanezumi were found inside thehome (75,76 %), while R. tiomanicus caught in the garden around village (3,03 %), and S. murinus caught inside andoutside home (21,21 %).




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