Multidimensional Child Poverty in Papua: Empirical Evidence From 6 Districts

Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto
Conference paper Child Poverty and Social Protection Conference • October 2013 Indonesia


Childhood poverty is on root of adulthood poverty. It became their barrier and destroyed their opportunities to play successively in adulthood. Poor children are more likely to have worse adult outcomes than non poor children. Poor children with lack of access to survive and develop will likely grow to be poor adult who will more likely to transfer poverty to their children when they become parent. Because of limited sources child poverty in district level in Papua context, this paper would like to explore child poverty analysis using a Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS) data. The analysis on this paper focused on non-monetary dimension of child poverty and follows the Bristol approach of 8 Dimension of severe and are limited to the dimension of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, health, shelter, education, information, The findings show that children in Jayawijaya are most deprived in almost all dimension (are most deprived). Jayawijaya also dominates the distribution of poor children from multidimensional perspectives.




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