Analisis Kesesuaian Kursi Pembatik Terhadap Kondisi Antropometri Pekerja Batik Tulis

Joni Setiawan • Guring Briegel Mandegani • Evi Yuliati Rufaida
Journal article Dinamika Kerajinan dan Batik • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Since the approval of batik as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, the improvement of batik industry have evolved along with the increase in market demand. At this time the main equipment for batik processes are still using the old batik equipment that has not been studied regarding its USAbility and safety. The purpose of this study was to assess the size of the seat and gawangan batik on the market whether in accordance with the requirements in accordance with the concept of batik and ergonomics. The data collected from several places batik industry. The data required to make is represented by N = 30 pieces. These data are then performed statistical analysis with the histogram method. The use of seat batik batik industry is still very far from ideal conditions. The size of the existing seat are: average high seat is 263.7 (Indonesian women knee high to sit: average 339,2 mm), average width of seat is 353 mm (Indonesian women hips size: average 366,8 mm), average depth of seat is 305 mm (Indonesian women knee to buttocks length: average 470,7 mm) and without using the backrest.




Dinamika Kerajinan dan Batik

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