A Consolidation of Participatory Poverty Assessments in Indonesia Volume II: Participatory Poverty Assessment for the Regional Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

Widjajanti Isdijoso • Alma Arief • Herry Widjanarko • Sri Budiyati • Sri Kusumastuti Rahayu 2 more
Report SMERU Research Institute • December 2003 Indonesia


This book presents a proposed method for the implementation of the Participatory Poverty Assessment (PPA) within a framework of composing a regional Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP), especially at the district level. To synergize poverty prevention strategies, programs and policies, the Indonesian goverment has stated its commitment to develop a national PRSP that will accommodate the formulation of a long term national poverty reduction strategy. Meanwhile, along with the implementation of regional autonomy that provides greater authority to the regions to create policy that is appropriate with regional conditions, a regional PRSP is needed, both on a provincial and a district level. The development of a regional PRSP needs to be done in a participatory fashion in order to produce a well-targeted poverty reduction strategy and policy, which is more accommodative in meeting the needs and local socio-cultural circumstances. This volume is intended to provide a practical guide for district government in implementing and developing regional PRSP in a participatory way.




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