Peningkatan Produktivitas Ubi Kayu Melalui Pengupayaan Pupuk Organik Granul Plus Dan Diversifikasi Pangan Berbasis Mocaf Di Desa Bakalan, Jumapolo, Karanganyar

Priyono Kharis Triyono Sarwono
Journal article Gema • January 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Moor lands, forests, and yard in the village Bakalan, District Jumapolo, Karanganyar have be planted cassava covering 54 ha with productivity of 13 t / ha. The presence of implementation IbM of year 2014, the productivity of cassava increased to 53 t / ha, but are lower than the potential of cassava of varieties elephants about 100 t / ha. Yield of cassava is lower caused by several things, among others, plants not given fertilizer according to their needs because the price of fertilizer is expensive. The problem of fertilizer can be solved by making their own fertilizer using livestock manure contained in the Village Bakalan. Manure waste in the village is pretty much that is 1134-2268 tons per six months. In 2014, Farmers Group (KT) Marsudi Tani, Bakalan village has also been trained to make flour mocaf. Mocaf flour is expected to be utilized Women Farmers Group (KWT) Kenyo Tani for making a wide variety of foods to be marketed. The problem is KWT kenyo Tani not inexperienced and constrained by capital. The solution to overcome this problem among other things the gift of equipment aid and training of food diversification based mocaf flour. The result of implementation of this IbM are: 1) KT Marsudi Tani has been adept at making own 'the organic fertilizer granules Plus' with the quality is quite good,2) KWT kenyo Tani has been able to make own 'brownies mocaf' with good results so it deserves become a new business field





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