Isolation of Endophyic Bacteria From Purwoceng (Pimpinella Alpina Kds.)

Tri Widayat • A. Endang S. Soetarto
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • June 2012

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(English, 6 pages)


Background: Purwoceng (Pimpinella alpina Kds.) is a medicinal plant species used as aphrodisiac. Like any other plants, the coumarin containing plant probably interacts with endophytic bacteria. Coumarin andits derivatives has wide biological activity spectrum as antifungal, anticoagulation, anti infl amation and it can be an additive in certain food or cosmetic additive. This study aimed to isolate endophytic bacteria frompurwoceng, to assess the growth of endophytic bacteria within coumarin containing medium and to reveal the affect of endophytic bacteria to the coumarin content of the medium.Methods: Endophytic bacteria were isolated from purwoceng roots and leaves. Pure culture of endophytic bacteria was selected by growing the bacteria in the ammonium salt sugar medium containing purwoceng herbalinfusion. The effect of the bacteria to coumarin content in the medium was assessed through the cultivation of chosen bacteria in medium that was similar with the medium used in the selection step. Coumarin content inthe medium was detected by using thin layer chromatography (TLC).Results: Nine isolates obtained from purwoceng roots and leaves could be alive in the basic medium containing purwoceng herbal infusion and had generation time (g) 2.7-5.7 hours and specifi c growth rate (μ) 0,14-0,26/hour. Cultivation of chosen isolate showed that BAP5 could grow in the medium containing 1072 arbitrary unit (AU) of coumarin. The TLC exhibited Rf 0.27 of the compound that was assumed as coumarin.Conclusion: Endophytic bacteria were successfully isolated from purwoceng and prevented the coumarin loss from the medium. (Health Science Indones 2012;1:31-6)




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