Gender and Other Factors and Risk of Mental Emotional Problems Among Students in Indonesia

Indri Yunita Suryaputri • Bunga Ch Rosha • Kencana Sari
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • December 2013 Indonesia


Background: Mental emotional problems often occurred in young age. Most of the young age is student. Research in students' mental health is still not much. The research is to investigate some of the factors related to mental emotional problems in students in Indonesia. Method: This research using Riskesdas 2007 data, the survey was cross sectional. The subjects of the study were 15-24 years old and still in school. The mental health problems assessed using Self Report Questionnaire (SRQ-20). The mental health problems identified if respondents answer yes 6 questions and above. Results: The total sample of young age is 49,520. The total respondents analyzed are 48200 students age 15-24 years. The results revealed that 7.7% students were having mental emotional problems. Female students had 71% higher risk to be experiencing mental emotional problems than male students [adjusted odd ratio (ORa) = 1.71; P = 0.000]. Students live in Java are 68% riskier for having mental emotional problems than students live outside Java (ORa=1.68; P = 0.000). Students from low socio economic status had 8% higher risk to have mental emotional problems compare to students from high socio-economic status (ORa=1,08; P = 0,035). Conclusion: Female students living in Java and low socioeconomic status had higher risk to experience mental emotional problems. (Health Science Indones 2013;2:98-102)




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