Remote Area Allowance and Absentee Levels for Teachers in Remote Areas

Policy brief SMERU Research Institute • January 2010


Teachers are the determining factor in whether the implementation of education is successful. Research has shown that teachers make the biggest contribution to student achievements. In the midst of limited school facilities and infrastructure, especially in remote areas, the teacher's role is even more important. However, various research studies show that the teacher absentee level in remote areas in developing countries is still quite high. This occurs because teachers in remote areas have to deal with many complex problems, including limited facilities within the school, difficulties in accessing the school because of the terrain surrounding the school, lack of transportation facilities, and high cost of transportation. The disproportionate size of the problems faced by teachers, in comparison with the incentives they receive, can lead to teachers being demotivated and can decrease the performance of teachers in carrying out their jobs. Thus, it is very important that a satisfactory incentive is given to teachers in remote areas so that education in remote areas does not continue to be left behind in comparison with more developed areas.




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