A Media Promotion Through “Ayo Nyang Posyandu” Memengan Dance In Banyuwangi, East Java

Oktarina Oktarina • Lulut Sasmito • Sri Rahayu
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • April 2014 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Background: The introduction of health post (Posyandu) activities for children from an early age through the Early age Childhood Institutions (PAUD) or Kindergarden is very important, because it can enter into a health program without omitting the principles of learning by playing. This study aims to modify the dance Memengan Ayo Nyang Posyandu, packaged in the form of a video for intervention materials to children under five (early childhood/kindergarten). Methods:Seven (7) children under five years in the early childhood institutions and kindergartens, 2 teachers, 18 gamelan players (panjak), and a student as sinden were the purposively sample. Research location in the sub village Kradjan Mangir Rogojampi –Banyuwangi District during 10 months in the year of 2012. results: The study showed modification of Memengan Dance “Ayo Nyang Posyandu” by the kids early childhood/kindergarten can be filled messages of invitation to come to Posyandu. Memengan dance contains Mother and Child program of Banyuwangi “Anak Tokcer” (Children's Optimal Growth, Quality and Smart), that are weighing the babies regularly, providing breastfeed from birth to age 6 months, consuming various foods, adding Iodine salt in foods consumed, taking sufficient nutritious supplement. This dance is accompanied by gamelan music, direct dialogue between Panjak, Children and Sinden. Dances recorded in the form of video, duration of 6 minutes 18 seconds and it can be accepted by stakeholders. conclusions: Dance Memengan can be used as a media campaign of posyandu activities. recommendation: Needs further research to determinent the impact of change of community's interest and participants who visit Posyandu.




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