Penerapan Storytelling Sebagai Intervensi Untuk Menurunkan Derajat Stres Pada Anak Leukemia (Perancangan Dan Uji Coba Penerapan Storytelling Dengan Pendekatan Positive Psychology Untuk Menurunkan Derajat Stres Pada Anak Leukemia Usia 8 Tahun Yang Sedang M

Anggia Putri Atiadany Achmad • Juke Siregar • Langgersari Elsari Novianti • Edi Setiawan Tehuteru
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • December 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 17 pages)


The aim of this study is to obtain intervention techniques through storytelling and its influence on the degree of stres in children with leukemia, aged 8 years (middle and late childhood). The participant in this study is 8 year old leukemia patient who experiences stres on tend to high category, based on the stres degree scale. The measurement tools of stres was designed by researcher based on Sarafino and Smiths theory of stres (2001) with the alpha coefficient of reliability is 0.893.In this study, purposive sampling be applied to select the participants and had to go through the medical examinationby which an oncologist. Through the medical examination, two of four children have experienced stres on the tend to high category, but only one children was permitted to be participant due to physical condition. Intervention with storytelling techniques was implemented after doctor states the patient not in aplasia condition.Intervention was given over 6-days period for 40-60 minutes each session.Result showed a decrease of stres degree after the intervention. This conclude that storytelling technique can be used to reduce the stres degree of leukemia patient aged 8 years. This indicated that through the storytelling method, the participant were identified themselves with the same characters experiences, moreover the children are able to take the values contained in the story to be applied in his life. The story technique allowed them to express the emotions and cultivate positive emotions, so that children are able to recognize their positive strength and develop it as one of themethods to coping the stres.




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