The Contribution of Public Health Center to Reducing Maternal Mortality

Joko Irianto • Suharjo Suharjo
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Backgroud: The health problems can be described on the number of Maternal Mortality (MMR), the higher of MMR toindication of so many health problems. Maternal mortality is closely related to access of quality health care. Quality access willprovide opportunities for mothers to get prenatal care, aid delivery, and good treatment. Public health care is health facilitiesearly referral of maternal care in villages, and then Public health care will be referred to a PONEK hospital if necessary.Objective: To knows the difference that maternal health services are carried out in PONED and non PONED Public healthcenters. Methods: To combine datas of Village Potential 2011, Maternal Mortality Follow-Up Study of Population Census2012 and Research Health Facilities 2011 for analysis. Field confi rmation in two health centers and two hospitals in Bekasiand Bogor cities for cases maternal death of during pregnancy, during childbirth, miscarriage, and after birth (postnatal).Results: The hospitals can prevent maternal death during pregnancy or during childbirth. At public health care, the risk formaternal death during childbirth is higher than postnatal OR = 1.9 (CI: 1.22 to 3.0), maternal death during pregnancy andmiscarriage in PONED is higher than Non PONED but not signifi cant (p > 0.05). At public health care not PONED, birthattendants is a factor in the recommendation to referral (p < 0.05). Conclution: The hospital facilities are able to PONEKthe best services for mothers who need obstetric treatment. The midwives are important to reducing maternal mortality,they should be closer access to birth attendants and to perform appropriate referrals. Recommendation: The hospitalsare need to be reinforced services capable PONEK and within easy reach from public health centers.




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