Role of Puskesmas Leader in Development of UKBM in Purbalingga District

Aryo Ginanjar • Arih Diyaning Intiasari • A. R. Siswanto Budi Wiyoto
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Background: Implementation of Puskesmas function as the center of society empowerment was done through thedevelopment of UKBM in work region of Puskesmas. This research aims to know the role of Puskesmas leader in PurbalinggaDistrict, Central Java Province in the implementation of Puskesmas function as the the center of society empowermentthrough development of UKBM. Role of Puskesmas leader that were analyzed in this research were role of motivation,communication, leadership, guidance, observation and supervision. Methods: The mainsubject of this research were7 leaders of Puskesmas in Purbalingga District. The supporting subject were 7 people worked as Health Promotor in 7Puskesmas and 1 person worked as Head of Society Empowerment and Health Promotion Divition Purbalingga District.Research type is descriptive with qualitative approach. Results of indepth interview, observation, and document analysisshowed that the knowledgeof the Puskesmas leader in Purbalingga District concerning Puskesmas function as the center ofsociety empowrement represent the Health Paradigm through facilities in the form of UKBM as the active participation fromsociety to increase health degree of Indonesian society. Results: The role of Puskesmas leader in aspects of motivation, communication, guidance, supervise, and development of UKBM had been done well. The leadership role was applied bythe combination of Democratic and Autoritary style of leadership. The difference of the role between Puskesmas leadersfrom medical background and nonmedical background was found insupervision aspect. Conclusion: Department of Healthneeds to undertake human resource development in the health center which has a dual leadership with the workload sothat the role of supervision has not run optimally.




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