Profil Tetanus Neonatorum dalam Rangka Kebijakan Eliminasi Tetanus Maternal dan Neonatal di Kabupaten Bangkalan Provinsi Jawa Timur Tahun 2012–2014

Mugeni Sugiharto • Ristrini Ristrini
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2016 Indonesia


Background: Infants in their golden period are particularly vulnerable to infectious diseases, such as neonatal tetanus. Bangkalan District Government supports policy on Elimination Maternal Neonatal Tetanus (EMNT) to save infants from neonatal tetanus infection. The study aims to identify profiles of tetanus cases among infants for support the policy on EMNT in Bangkalan District, East Java Province year 2012–2014. Methods: The study used secondary data on Tetanus Toxoid immmunization and tetanus neonatorum from Bangkalan District Health Office. In Depth interview on the policy on EMNT for the Programmer of immunization. Result: Every year there were tetanus neonatorum cases in Bangkalan District that caused deats because their mothers were not immunized by TT during pregnancies, deliveries assisted by traditional birth attendants, unhygienic cord care such as unsterile scissors and using traditional herbs for curing. To prevent tetanus neonatorum, Bangkalan District issued policy on EMNT as in the operational strategies that must conducted by all related staffs. Implementation of the EMNT policy is not as expected because there were still TN cases are each year, TT coverage tended lower as 61.7% in 2012 to 59.18% in 2014. In accordance, DPT for infants were from 92.8% to 88.0% during the same. Conclusion: Bangkalan District are prone to tetanus, including tetanus neonatorum, due to declining coverages of TT immunization among pregnant women and DPT immunization among infants each year. The policy of tetanus neonatorum elimination was appropriate to increase immunization coverage and prevents TN among infants in Bangkalan. Suggestion: Programmer immunization should be more active to disseminate TT immunization through the ANC among pregnant women and DPT for infants to prevent tetanus cases.




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