Serologic Observation and Risk Fact of Yaws in Hamadi Public Health Center, Jayapura

Yuli Arisanti Sitanggang
Journal article Health Science Journal of Indonesia • 2017

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(English, 5 pages)


Background: Yaws still become unfinished problem in Jayapura City, there is still have enclave yaw's disease in Jayapura. This study aimed to obtain data by serological prevalence and determine the risk factor data for yaws. The Treponema pallidum haemagglutination test (TPHA) was laboratory standard method which used in this study. Methods: The research was a descriptive research which conducted through a cross sectional design. Results: This research found that risk factors of yaws such history for being inexperienced to yaws also had potency up to two times greater for yaws to get relapsed, as well as with inadequate personal hygiene for the incidence of yaws, with description: bathing without using soap potentially three times greater potency to be susceptible to yaws, collective towels USAge led to three times higher potency, habit; rarely/not wearing sandals led to two times higher potency to get infected by yaws. Conclusion: Obtaining data on the number of positive TPHA both cases and contact number of 111 samples. This research obtained the data of risk factors that affected the incidence of yaws in Puskesmas Hamadi, Jayapura such as:- History of being experienced yaws also had the potential to four times more likely to get relapsed - Less Clean and healthy life behavior that was with description: Bath rarely / without using soap could potentially be twice over to become yaws, custom-made towels alternately had three times greater in potency, the habit for being rarely / not wear sandal was two times greater potency




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