Faktor dalam Pengambilan Keputusan Pembelian Jamu Saintifik

Herti Maryani • Lusi Kristiana • Weny Lestari
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2016


Basic Health Research year 2013 showed that use of traditional health services was still very high. People required traditional health services that were safe, effi cacious and qualifi ed to avoid disadvetages because of misleading information or unjustifi ed health services. For the reasons, government decided “Saintifi kasi Jamu” (Scientifi c herbal) in 2010. The study aimed to analyze consumer behavior on decision making for using “Saintifi kasi Jamu”. It was carried out at the Balai Kesehatan Tradisional Masyarakat (BKTM) Makassar and Colomadu I Primary Health Center, in Karanganyar year 2015. Samples were selected by consecutive sampling based on patient's visit to the health services with a total sample of 30 people at each the health service. The decision-making process was analized descriptively. Respondent characteristics of the jamu consumers were mostly older ages (45-55 years) and with high education level. Reasons among respondents to visit herbal traditional services were because of sick and considered that the jamu had no side effect. The source of information that infl uenced respondents were families, friends, neighbours, aqcuaitances, and health providers were likely because familiar. Respondent's considerations about jamu were all about the benefi t, and all of them satisfi ed as a jamu consumer or good quality. Consumer behavior analysis that the respondents still seek traditional health service, the scientifi c herbal, if get illness; the reasons were that the jamu had no side effect and its benefi ts. Respondents were satisfi ed after use the jamu and very loyal to the jamu products. Socialization of the scientifi c herbal in primary health centers and the rank health facilities should be improved.




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