Assesmen Integritas dalam Program Penanggulangan Penyakit Hiv/aids di Kota Manado

Albert Massie, Roy Glenn
Journal article Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan • 2016 Indonesia


In Indonesia, there is HIV/AIDS epidemics with a prevalence of 0.2% among adults. It needs assessment on integrity to improve reliability and effectiveness the program implementation for understanding public policy, transparency, accountability, active community participation and ethics considerations of HIV/AIDS based on Government Regulation No. 75/2006. The study aimed to understand integrity of HIV/AIDS on public health institutions, and related private sectors in Manado City. It was an observational study with a cross sectional design. Data were collected by in-depth interviews to policy makers in the public sector, Head of Health Offi ces and the programmers, Provincial AIDS Committee, Province hospital, health centers, NGOs and private clinics. Standards and regulations of HIV/AIDS management activities refer to the International, national, provincial and municipal. There were transparencies but fi nancial aspects and recording reporting of cases are still un opened. The accountability and effectiveness of procedure management could not be as a whole because lacked of adequate resources, including budget availability. There were not availabity of etics based standard services. There were not policy on human resources capacity building that caused in balance the quality and quantity of staffs. The prevention and management are still lack in high-risk and vulnerable populations. There were lack of concept understanding and practical integrity of health workers on management level and health care providers. Itneeded fi nancial transparency. Monitoring and evaluation to health facilities should be regularly; there should be policies for handling public complaints, training of standards management for health workers; training concept of integrity to related sectors. The active community participation should be enhanced.




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