Perbandingan Verifikasi Akurasi Posisi Pasien Radioterapi Secara Manual Dan Semiotomatis Berbasis Citra DRR/EPID

Susi Nofridianita • Heru Prasetio • Supriyanto A. Pawiro
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • September 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Radiotherapy is one of common treatment modality for Nasopharyngeal Cancer. The development of intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT technique) gives satisfactory results in the nasopharyngeal cancer treatment, both clinically and dosimetry. IMRT can reduce the effects of acute and chronic, with a maximum dose coverage to the tumor and minimal dose to the organ or normal tissue surrounding target value. The purpose of this study is to compare theaccuracy of patient positioning verification of Nasopharyngeal Cancer IMRT with DRR / EPID image registration. Retrospective data analysis of the AP and Lateral projections DRR and EPID images 35 patients (140 images) were then manually verified by simulative applied fusion semiautomatic with FIJI program. FIJI program improved the image quality of the DRR and EPID to facilitate the image registration. Results of this study shows no statistically significantdifference between the manual verification and semiautomatic fusion method of nasopharyngeal cancer patients, but there is a tendency that the semiautomatic method with FIJI program provides verification geometry radiotherapy better a result than manual methods.




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