Gambaran Ketersediaan Tenaga Dan Upaya Pelayanan Kesehatan Gigi Di Puskesmas (Analisis Lanjut Riset Fasilitas Kesehatan 2011)

Anorital Anorital • Sri Muljati • Lelly Andayasari
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Results of Riskesdas 2013 showed that 25.9% of the Indonesian population have dental health problems. Amongst them, there were only 31.1% which received dental care. However, the Riskesdas 2013 does not provide information regarding the availability of human resource working for dental health program. Therefore, the researchers used data from the 2011 Health Facility Research (Rifaskes). The analysis aims to obtain information on the proportion of dental health professionals and their program in public health centers (PHCs) based on regions of Indonesia. There were two variables analyzed, namely dental health professionals and dental health program. The analysis showed that the placements of dentists remain concentrated in Java and Bali islands. Of the 8,975 PHC, only 60.6% have dentists. Moreover, in terms of the comprehensiveness level of the dental care program, School Dental Care Effort (UKGS) and Village Community Dental Care Effort (UKGMD) were available. However, only 72.3% PHCs completely conducted three kinds of dental health program. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an attractive policy so as to increase the placement of dentists and dental nurses throughout the PHCs in Indonesia and this should be distributed evenly so that they can carry out optimal dental health program.




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