Gambaran Konsumsi Sayur Dan Buah Penduduk Indonesia Dalam Konteks Gizi Seimbang: Analisis Lanjut Survei Konsumsi Makanan Individu (SKMI) 2014

Hermina Hermina • Prihatini S.
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 2016 Indonesia


Fruits and vegetables consumption was required by human body as sources of vitamins, minerals and fibers in achieving a healthy and nutritious balanced diet. The objective of the analysis is to obtain proportion and the average of fruits and vegetables consumed by Indonesian population at the age group, both in urban and rural areas from the 2014 Individual Food Consumption Survey The analysis showed that almost all Indonesion population consume vegetables (94.8%) but only a few of them that consume fruits (33.2%). Average vegetables consumption was 70.0g/person/day and fruit consumption was 38.8 grams/grams/person/day. Total consumption of vegetables and fruits were 108.8g/person/day. When they were compared to the recommended adequacy under the guidelines of balanced nutrition, fruits and vegetables consumption were still low. A total of 97.1% of the population did not consume enough vegetables and fruits. When it was compared to the age group, teenagers were the highest age groups who consumed less fruit and vegetables (98.4%). The study concludes that the average consumption of vegetables and fruits of the Indonesian population was still low, in the context of balanced nutrition by age group, both in urban and rural areas, and the lowest was teenagers.




Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research

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