Perubahan Jumlah Limfosit Pada Penderita Malaria Falciparum Dan Vivax

Mau, S.Si, M,Sc, Fridolina • Mulatsih Mulatsih
Journal article Indonesian Bulletin of Health Research • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


A definitive diagnosis of malaria is done by microscopic examination since it remains the gold standard..Number of leukocytes among malaria patients changes in lymphocyte cells as an indicator of infection.Preparations of blood samples obtained from mass blood survey methods (MBS) in Central Sumba District,2015. There were 50 blood samples of 25 positive fasciparum and 25 positive vivax. It is found 84%increase in lymphocytes in patients with plasmodium falciparum and an increased of 72% of lymphocytescells among patients with plasmodium vivax compared to reference value. The average number of P.falciparum is 39,7200 lymphocytes and P.vivax is of 21,6000. A statistical test found that p value of<0.05 indicating there is a significant difference between the number of lymphocytes in P. falciparumand P. vivax. Iincreased cells significantly found in old stage of trofosoit with a density between 12-4156mL. It can be concluded that significant increase of lymphocyte cells and its morphology of plasmodiumfalciparum and vivax can be used to diagnose malaria patientswith microscopic methods.




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