Gambaran Mikrobiologi Pada Ruang Isolasi Imunitas Menurun Dan Ruang Operasi (Studi Di Rumah Sakit Kanker “Dharmais” Jakarta, 2013-2014)

Ni Putu Aryadnyani • Eva Ayu Maharani • Dewi Astuti • Demak Lumban Tobing
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • June 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Patients treated at the ward in a hospital can get nosocomial infection through exposure of microbes that contaminate air and medical equipments. This study was conducted to determine the amount of air microbes and to identify bacterium found on a swab equipments at Isolation room on decrease immunity and operating theatre in “Dharmais” Cancer Hospital Jakarta. This study uses secondary data on a periode of 2013-2014. The amount of microbial colonies that meet the threshold value in accordance with a predetermined on Kepmenkes RI No. 1204 / Menkes / SK / X / 2004 on a Hospital Environmental Health Requirements in RIIM is at 100%, while at OK is 13:33%. Types of microbes found in the RIIM were E. gergoviae, A. baumanni, S. liquefaciens, C. freundii, Y. enterocolitica, C. diversus and fungi while the types of microbes found in the OK room were A. haemolyticus, M. morganii, A. baumanni, E. coli, A. Iwoffli, K. oxytoca, C. diversus, K. ozaenae, P. stuartii, S. marcescens, Y. enterocolitica, and fungi.




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