Evaluasi Dosis Glandular Dalam Pemeriksaan Mammografi

Yulfiatry Yubhar • Rachmat Adi • Supriyanto Supriyanto • Pawiro Pawiro • Kardinah Kardinah
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Cancer • September 2007

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 6 pages)


Mean glandular Dose (MGD) during mammography has been determined for 49 patients using TLD. MGD numbers has been derived from the measured ESD (Entrance Surface Dose) by multiplicating ESD with converted Dp, (ESD with average glandular dose per unit exposure conversion factor) incorporating the glandular percentage to adipose percentage. Dgn data were obtained from Boone's Monte Carlo calculation and generally is a function of HVL values and breast thickness. The glandular percentage to adipose were obtained using Nooriah Djamal's methods of mammography film analysis Both 0% glandular Dgn for adipose contribution and 100% glandular DSu for glandular contribution were then obtained from Boone's table. Average Entrance Surface Dose (ESD) for 49 patients were found to be 7.6 ('bl 3.9) mGy. The average MGD for 49 patients were found to be 1.818 (bl 0.615) mGy. These values were generally below the recommended FDA (Food and Drug Administration) limit of 3 mGy.




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