Analisis Kinerja Kantor Camat Gunung Tabur Kabupaten Berau

Indrayana Windyani
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Publik dan Birokrasi • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


The main problem at Gunung Tabur district office is the absence of Government Performance Accountability Report which could be used to determine and evaluate the performance of government organizations.The purposes of this study were to analyze the performance of Gunung Tabur sub-district office and to analyze the resistant and supportive aspects of performance in Gunung Tabur district office. The data used in this study weree primary and secondary data. The unit of analysis in this study was Gunung Tabur office as an organization. The methods used in this studi were descriptive qualitative, that as a way way to describe the performance of each phenomenon and the resistant and supportive aspects performance at Gunung Tabur district office. This performance analysis includeded effectiveness, responsiveness, responsibility, accountability and adaptation. The results illustrated that in terms of effectiveness there was congruence between the vision and mission of the program and the existing activities as well as employee involvement in organizational activities. Responsiveness can be seen from the way organizations follow up on complaints from the public, from the aspect of Gunung Tabur district office responsiveness was performed well according to basic tasks and functions in their respective organizational structures, procedures and mechanisms. Accountability, which was performance and financial activities reporting by the Gunung Tabur District Office has been running smoothly but the Government Performance Accountability Report for 2011 and the previous year have not been submitted. With regard to the aspect adaptation, the employees were given the opportunity to develop themselves. The supportive aspects of performance at Gunung Tabur district office consists of individual human resources, psychological make up, and organization. The performance inhibiting aspects were the limited number of human resources, facilities, infrastructure and operationl funding.




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