Kepemimpinan Camat Dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi Kerja Pegawai Pada Kantor Kecamatan Ketungau Hilir Kabupaten Sintang

Yuda Mohamad Nugraha
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Publik dan Birokrasi • 2014

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


This study started from the presence of issues of decreasing employee motivation for work through instructions ,which the Chief of the sub-district tried to remedy. He also attemted to create a pleasant atmosphere for work , as well as to establish good working communication (two-way) between the sub-district chief and his staff . The location of this study was in Ketungau Hilir sub-district office . The study was qualitative and used interviews as its major data collection effort, The respondents were divided into three groups: the principal respondents , the basic respondents ,and the key respondents. The results showed that the Ketungau Hilir sub-district chief in improving employees' work motivation is still inadequate, which can be seen from the results of the author's interviews or from the three factors mentioned earlier . First of all the instructions given to the staff was far from adequate . Second, the effort to create a pleasant atmosphere for work was also far from adequate And third, communication that exist between the sub-district chief with his staff was only one way, from the chief to his staff and not the other way around (top down). From the results of the three factors mentioned above it could be concluded that the leadership of the Ketungau Hilir sub-district still could not increase the motivation of its employees . There was actually an indication that the leadership at the Ketungau Hilir when viewed from the type of leadership theory could be categorized as authoritarian , which could influence the decline of motivation for employees. In this paper it was suggested to the Ketingau sub-district chief, that in order to increase the motivation of employees, instructions should be clear and work directives and orders should take into account the fit between tasks and ability of staff to complete a given task . Creating a pleasant work environment should also be through physical improvements (i.e through the provision of cleaning tools, filing cabinets, also meals and drinks ) Non-physical needs should also be given equal treatment to all the staff. There should often be evaluation meetings at least once a month in order to assess performance and listen to suggestions , complaints and problems faced by the staff. To establish good communication between the sub-district chief and his staff, the chief should be able to accept criticism and suggestions from his staff, and have frequent communication to give assignments or just listen to the opinions of the staff .




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