Pelaksanaan Gerakan Membangun Masyarakat Sehat (Gerbangmas Siaga) Sebagai Inovasi Dalam Pelayanan Kesehatan Di Kelurahan Citrodiwangsan Kecamatan Lumajang Kabupaten Lumajang

Nazarus Sururi


: The program was created by the Regional Government Lumajang the object of which is community and neighborhood health center as the prime mover. The purpose of this program is also related to the target Lumajang Healthy 2014 and also supports the acceleration of the achievement of the MDG's by 2015. Researchers discuss the extent to which the program is running and supporting and inhibiting factors. Using descriptive research method with a qualitative approach to data analysis an interactive model Miles and Huberman. Results from the study showed that the implementation of the program has been running gerbangmas siaga better and improved. Judging from the results of program achievements through LP3S and PWS KIA in relation to MDGs. Several factors support the program nets relationship between the parties and participation, while inhibiting the low level of human resources and quality cadre needs to be improved. Advice from researchers that revitalize the neighborhood health center as the prime mover and improving the quality of cadres who carry out more enhanced. The promotion of community empowerment programs that positively impact the economic level of the population and an increase in the degree of quality of life.




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