Strategi Pengembangan Primer Koperasi

Rachma Vita Oktaviana


: Developing Strategy Primer Koperasi Study at Primer Koperasi Produsen Tempe dan Tahu Indonesia (PRIMKOPTI) Bangkit Usaha Kota Malang. PRIMKOPTI Bangkit Usaha Kota Malang is a primary Koperasi for fermented soybean producer in Malang that functioned as soybean supplier for cooperative member, This research intend to (1)Knowing Development of VISI and MISI in PRIMKOPTI(2) Strategy formulation to develop PRIMKOPTI(3) Knowing principle practice in PRIMKOPTI. According to research results, The best strategy approach to develop cooperative institution according to SWOT matrix analysis there is develop product promotion to increase sales, improving member ability, improving store system management, applying information technology, PRIMKOPTI is on right track in implementing cooperative principle based on Undang-Undang Nomor 25 tahun 1992 such as member recruitment is voluntarily, democratic management, SHU distribution is fair according merit system, autonomous, cooperative education and partnership with other cooperative institution.




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