Strategi Kepala Sekolah Dalam Meningkatkan Kompetensi Profesional Guru Pada SD Negeri Unggul Montasik

Rosita, Riza • Ar, Djailani • Khairuddin


: Effort headmaster to the make-up of professional interest of teacher can support the attainment of education target at school. Research Target to know the program of execution and resistance to increase professional interest of teacher. This research use the descriptive method with the approach qualitative. Technique of data collecting used by is observation, interview, and documentation. Subjek Research is: Headmaster, Proxy of Headmaster and Pre-Eminent teacher SD Country of Montasik. Result of research indicate that the 1) Program ofis make-up of professional interest of teacher executed by Pre-Eminent headmaster SD Country of Montasik for example: training of compilation RPP and analyse the ( SKL, KI And KD), activating KKG, make-up of extracurricular activity and improvement of kualisifikasi teacher. 2) Execution of is make-up of professional interest learn by Pre-Eminent headmaster SD Country of Montasik that is training of compilation of Syllabus and RPP, applying of study PAIKEM of there no improvement program but execution have been executed, following Teacher Team-Work, following training and upgrading of both for executed at school and also extramural and improve the kualifikasi learn the higher kejenjang 3) natural by resistance of headmaster in improving kompetensiprofesional learn at Pre-Eminent SD Country of Montasik is the lack of medium and prasarana, lack of tanggungjawab learn to school.




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