Analisis Terhadap Strategi Dan Struktur Perusahaan Dalam Mengadaptasi Teknologi Informasi

Hastutie Noor Andriati
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi Maranatha • 2002 Indonesia


This study investigated whether the corporate strategy and corporate structure have significant impact to IT adaptation. Each company, have different structure and strategy in adaptation technology (IT). The matching of IT, corporate strategy and corporate structure is believed and proved as to make the IT role more efficiently. Based on comprehensive selective review of IT adaptation, corporate strategy, and organization structure literature, a model is build to study those variables. The mail survey was conducted to 500 firms. Analyses were based on the responses of 54 divisional manager selected randomly from Top Companies and Big Group in Indonesia 7th. The result show are as follow, organization with prospector strategy tend to have organic structure with distributed cooperative computing. IN contrary, organizations with defender strategy tent to have mechanistic structure with centralized cooperative computing. With path analysis method, even it is not statistically significant; it is also found that strategy has mre powerful impact than determinant variables od structure and information technology. Structure and information technology also has positive relationship.




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