Penggunaan Metode by Purchase Dan Pooling of Interest Dalam Rangka Penggabungan USAha (Business Combination) Dan Efeknya Terhadap Pajak Penghasilan

Yenni Mangoting
Journal article Jurnal Akuntansi dan Keuangan Universitas Kristen Petra • November 1999 Indonesia


Business combination incurred if two or more separate company join to be one economic entity. There are some reasons which taken by companies to have business combination. They are cost advantage, lower risk, fewer operating delays, avoidance of takeovers, acquisition of intangible assets and another reason. There are two methods of business combination, they are purchase method and pooling by interest. Purchase method based on assumption that business combination is a transaction whether one entity is acquired net assets from other companies who joined. Pooling of interest method based on assumption that there is a unity of the ownership of companies. The assets and liabilities of the new entity after combination is the same with the total book value of assets and liabilities of both companies before combinations. The impact of business combination for taxation depend on method used by. The implementation of purchase method will create difference between market value and book value, that is taxable income. On the contrary, the implementation of pooling of interest method will not create any taxable income since this method uses the book value to appraise company.




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